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Cubd Ventures

We provide capital and company-building support to
early-stage start-ups that are focused on increasing the
capacity of the human mind. We make investments
around the world, but focus on Africa.


Our Approach

At Cubd Ventures, we believe that early-stage investors should be a competitive advantage. We invest into start-ups before they reach Series A and provide active support depending on the companies needs. We are operators at heart and love to support our founders to build and scale their companies.

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Shadowing Day(s)

We join your team for 1-2 days as a silent observer and share tangible recommendations based on a nuanced understanding of your business that address your specific challenges.


Company Building

We specialize in OKRs, Talent, People Operations, and Growth. We can be thought partners on any of these topics, or in some cases can take a more hands-on approach.


Future Fundraising

Access to capital is a competitive advantage. We are well connected in the investor community in Africa and in the US. We are always happy to make an intro for our founders.


Why work with us

We have iterated our support models with some of the fastest growing companies in Africa and around the world
(note: not all are in our portfolio)


"The OKR exercise was a game changer for Craydel.  It helped us realize that we were trying to do too much and our activities were not all aligned to a singular vision.  The work enabled us to focus, prioritize and streamline our operations.  Craydel is now in a much better position to achieve our ambitious vision!"

Shayne, Co-founder @ Craydel

Our Focus Sectors

Over the past 30 years we have witnessed tremendous growth of the physical wellness industry. Over the next 30 years, we believe the mental performance and the mental health industries will experience a similar trajectory and innovation curve. We are excited to support founders that are at the forefront of shaping the 'Future of the Mind' and especially, those that increase equity and access to such solutions in Africa.

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We invest into start-ups that increase the capacity of the human mind. Currently we focus on the following sub-sectors: 

1.   Mental Health

2.   Mental Performance Innovation

3.   Higher Education & Continuous Learning

4.   Future of Work and Human Capital  

We focus primarily in Africa, but opportunistically invest around the world. 

Our Portfolio

More announcements coming soon...


Craydel is on a mission to democratize access to quality higher education in Africa.  They are building an AI-powered discovery and recommendation engine, the largest inventory of higher education programs and career resources to transform the way students discover, compare and apply to higher education.

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Money Africa Group is building digital literacy across Africa by creating a transparent way for people to understand what variables matter when selecting a financial product and to compare the options are available in the market.


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